Welcome to Lighter Coaching! Our services were born from the frustrations so many women experience with dieting.

Diet programs promote restriction and have the world believing their plans work if you have the willpower to follow them.

Well, it isn’t you – it’s them! Time to break it off and find a beautifully healthy relationship with food.

A normal eater does not stress about each meal. There is no internal negotiations regarding the calories they have for the day and how to spend them. Neither tracking, nor a scale, dictates how the feel about themselves.

That can seem like a dream after years, or even decades of dieting. I recall it being unimaginable to have that sort of freedom. Could it really be true that after the ups and downs – and if we are being honest, more ups than downs, one could be trusted to eat with freedom and it not be a free for all?

It doesn’t happen on your own, or you wouldn’t be reading this. It didn’t happen for me on my own either. I had a mentor. It was unbelievable! Many times, even now, I ask, “who is this girl craving things that nourish my body and soul? Who am I that I can save some for later instead of cleaning my plate? What happened to flip the switch for me to have any interest in activity – and enjoy it?”

No, it isn’t a fluke! It may be a well kept secret, but many have experienced this. There is science behind my coaching approach and clients are saying great things!

Lighter – that’s how you will feel when you stop the diet cycle and are guided to a healthy relationship of mind and body to become a normal eater. Do you want something unlike anything else you have tried? Whether it is weight, digestion, fatigue – schedule time to talk with us for free.